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Intellectual Property redefined

Knowledge. Experience. Diversity.

The protection and enforcement of intellectual property requires meticulous attention at each stage of the development life cycle. At Novak Druce Carroll, we provide the necessary expertise to meet client demands through a combination of deep technical knowledge, business acumen, and legal savvy. Recognizing that intellectual property is at the very heart of a company’s business objectives, we work with clients to tailor their individual strategies to the real-world needs of their products and strategic objectives.


At Novak Druce Carroll, we recognize and value the importance of diversity, tolerance, and individuality. Indeed, Novak Druce Carroll is rooted in diversity with a majority of its founding members being from diverse groups and backgrounds. Learn More

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Practice Areas

Patent Preparation & Prosecution

Icon Patentpreparationandprosecution

Our practice covers all aspects of the patent life-cycle from invention harvesting to patent issuance.


Post Grant Proceedings

Icon Postgrantproceedings

Our team can be your champion in all administrative patent disputes, including trials, post-grant reviews, and inter partes reviews.


Infringement & Validity Opinions

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Our team can investigate and perform analysis on existing patents to issue opinions on potential infringement and validity claims.


Portfolio Analysis

Icon Portfolioanalysis

We help our clients identify stand-out assets, and take defensive and offensive strategic action to increase the value of the overall portfolio.


Strategic Counseling

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Our team provides full-scale strategic counseling to help our clients procure and develop their IP portfolio.


Agreements & Transactional Services

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We can help assess and overcome commercial, legal, regulatory and structural risks, while focusing on driving innovation and reducing costs.


Your Team

Not Your Average Team

Wei-Sern Cheah
Wei-Sern Cheah

Senior Associate

Novakdruce Bio Stuartcarroll
Stuart Carroll


Novakdruce Bio Ryandavis
Ryan P. Davis


Novak Bio Tracydruce
Tracy W. Druce


Novakdruce Bio Chloehong
Chloe Jiyeon Hong

Senior Associate

Novakdruce Bio Rishikumar
Rishi Kumar

Scientific Advisor

Novak Nguyen Bio
Randy A. Nguyen


Novakdruce Bio Robertrapp
Robert (Bob) Rapp

Patent Agent

Novakdruce Bio Grahamross
Graham Ross

Patent Agent

Novakdruce Bio Geraldthomas
Gerald (Gerry) Thomas

Senior Patent Agent

Career at
Novak Druce Carroll

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