Diversity & Inclusion

At Novak Druce Carroll, we recognize and value the importance of diversity, tolerance, and individuality. Indeed, Novak Druce Carroll is rooted in diversity with a majority of its founding members being from diverse groups and backgrounds.

Diverse attorneys, including women; lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBTQ) attorneys; and attorneys of color, are actively engaged in all aspects of leadership and management at Novak Druce Carroll. Diversity allows Novak Druce Carroll to leverage the knowledge, insight, experiences, creativity, and capabilities of talented individuals from a diverse range of backgrounds to the benefit of Novak Druce Carroll and its clients. Diversity not only expands the voices within Novak Druce Carroll but brings a multicultural perspective to address the business and legal challenges of our clients.

Importantly, for us, diversity is not just about words but about actions. Accordingly, we have worked to create an environment that is progressive, stimulating, supportive and open-minded, one that respects and builds on the strengths and voices of every member of Novak Druce Carroll.

Novak Druce Carroll has implemented a comprehensive set of initiatives and programs to support the professional and personal development of all attorneys including diverse attorneys such as women, LGBTQ attorneys and attorneys from distinct backgrounds and cultures. We actively support affinity groups for our attorneys of color and LGBTQ attorneys, which meet regularly to build cohesion and community and help with efforts to continue to build and maintain a positive firm environment. Novak Druce Carroll has a women’s initiative that presents programs to encourage awareness of issues impacting women in the workplace. Novak Druce Carroll has also signed the Leader’s Pledge from the Leadership Council on Legal Diversity (LCLD) and remains committed to act on its pledge.

Novak Druce Carroll is deeply committed to continuously fostering and maintaining an inclusive culture and a professional atmosphere that values and promotes diversity and equal opportunity, and prevents and prohibits discriminatory practices.

Inclusion is simply a core principle of Novak Druce Carroll.

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