Tracy W. Druce


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About Tracy W. Druce

Providing advice premised on the goal of establishing monetizable intellectual property portfolios is the mainstay of Tracy Druce’s practice. With 25 years of intellectual property experience, Tracy typically begins with a collaborative process in which he and his client jointly identify the client’s most valuable IP, they then protect the asset as a patent, trademark, or the like, and together they then capitalize on the asset to the client’s benefit, which might include, licensing, enforcement and sometimes the sale of the asset.

A significant part of Tracy’s practice involves counseling companies of all sizes regarding worldwide intellectual property creation, management and exploitation. Frequently, these companies are in industries in which the technology is fast moving. In order to be successful, Tracy focuses on obtaining a thorough understanding of the relevant market, as well as the requisite protection appropriate for sometimes short life-cycle products.

After hours, Tracy and a group of family and friends raise and milk one of the largest grass-fed Italian water buffalo herds in the United States. They produce many products, such as all-natural yogurt and mozzarella cheese, at their artisanal creamery.