Robert (Bob) Rapp

Patent Agent

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About Robert (Bob) Rapp

Bob is a United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) registered Patent Agent with an extensive background in electrical and computer engineering. Bob believes the vision of establishing world class intellectual property portfolios is based on developing an understanding of the customer’s strategic, tactical, and technological goals. He drafts patent applications, responds to office actions, and interacts with clients when representing them in front of the USPTO. His practice centers on electronic hardware (e.g., anti-malware – cloud based applications – device based application programs), components and data storage. The mission of providing significantly more than competent intellectual property prosecution services to clients includes respectfully engaging with the inventors during patent disclosure meetings; drafting clear, concise, and complete intellectual property disclosures; and professionally representing the customer to the USPTO when prosecuting patent applications. Bob brings to the table a diverse base of technological experience complemented by years of patent prosecution experience.

Bob has worked as an engineer at companies ranging from small startups to multibillion-dollar corporations and has worked as a patent agent at major law firms. His experience includes development, test, manufacturing and international field engineering when working for over two decades in the computer industry.