Rishi Kumar

Scientific Advisor

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About Rishi Kumar

Rishi is an experienced patent scientist and uses his deep technical knowledge to assist attorneys with patent preparation and prosecution, patent analysis, and patentability research. In this capacity, Rishi provides technical counsel in areas ranging from wireless communications, e.g., 5GNR, 4G LTE, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, etc., to computer algorithms and machine-learning systems.

Rishi has two decades of experience in the aerospace and defense industry. With experience on both the government and contractor sides of the fence, Rishi has worked on space programs spanning multiple disciplines. He has extensive experience in satellite systems, launch vehicles, systems engineering, and navigation systems. Rishi has supported over a dozen launches (Atlas V and Falcon 9), assisting the U.S. Space Force with on-console rocket monitoring from ground to in-orbit payload delivery. Rishi has also managed strategic international partnerships for the U.S. Space Force with allied countries across multiple mission areas including the WGS and AEHF satellite constellations.